NMRI participated at 59th Experimental Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Conference in Orlando with Q.One. Along with Q.One automated STM probe and Quantum-I console, NMRI presented its new QMAS probe and MAS controller for solid-state NMR. The new QMAS probe with its ergonomic design features was set up with our 150 kHz stator and run on site with the controller to demonstrate the systems operation. We are very happy that there was alot of interest in Q.One and its NMR components.

Standard QMAS Probes

  • 400 & 600 MHz
  • HXY switchable to HC for optimized performance, <3 us pulse
  • -170 °C to +150 °C, low RF heating
  • BB tunable from 14N to 31P
  • over 25 kHz MAS rate
  • 40 mm design → compatible to SB magnets
  • Uniquely ergonomic design, front access T&M

NB! Variety of other probes on request, including >150 kHz spinning. 

MAS Controller

  • Manual, automated or user-programmable control of
    spinning and temperature
  • Remote access via ethernet
  • Precise control of up to 4 pneumatic channels