Estonian Magnet Week

You are invited to Estonian Magnet Week, combining workshops on “Science translation”,  “Polarization transfer between water and proteins”, "Fast spinning and applications to materials and biology”, inauguration of a new NMR engineering laboratory, lectures at universities and a fair amount of informal discussion. EMW aims to cover topics by leading  experts, connect concepts and make NMR more productive. Info:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +3725063036

29.-30.IX Recreational event “Suunto Games

30.IX Sun Akadeemia Tee 15a, Tallinn, ENMR Lab, NMR Institute

16.00 Get together

18.00 Science translation, (chairing and intro: Postimees and A. SamosonSpeakers: M. Konovalenko, A. Arsenyev, A. Sügis, E. Kupce, T. Polenova..)

20.00 Introduction of ENMR engineering laboratory

21.00 Departure to workshop venue, Laulasmaa Spa Hotel

1.X Mon

9.00-19.30 “Polarization transfer between water and proteins”, ESF Workshop (chairing and intro by Tatyana Polenova, University of Delaware and Beat Meier, ETHZ, presentations also by J. Lewandowski, T. Polenova , A. Arsenyev, O. Antzutkin ..)

Transfer mechanisms (dipolar, chemical exchange), Dynamics of water close to the protein surface or in cavities of the protein, Role of water as a medium for polarization transfer from paramagnetics to proteins, Cryoprotectants.

20.00 Round table discussion

2.X Tue

9.00-20.00 "(Super) Fast spinning and applications to materials and biology, alternative methods” FP7 EAST-NMR Workshop (chairing and intro by U. G Nielsen and  Ago Samoson, Tallinn UT, U. Warwick, presentations also by P.K.Madhu, E. Kupce, T.Polenova, Z. Gan, J. Pieper, F. Strobridge, R. Stoyanova ..)

Principles of fast mechanical rotation, impact on solid state NMR spectra, compatible pulse sequencing, principally new areas of application, results and perspectives on biological, organic and inorganic structures, Complementary techniques: Neutron diffraction, X-ray, ESR

3.X Wed

9.00 Return to Tallinn, TUT, Akadeemia 15a, 7th floor

T. Polenova, University of Delaware: “Structural and Dynamics Studies of HIV-1 and Microtubule-Associated Protein Assemblies: What Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy Reveals”

A. Arsenyev, Ovchinnikov Institute, Moscow: “ Helix-helix interactions as key forces defining spatial structure of membrane proteins. An NMR view”

4.X Thur

9.00 Tartu, P.K. Madhu, Z. Gan

Sponsors: European Science Foundation, FP7 EAST-NMR, TUT, NMRI